Seattle’s official post Burning Man celebration.

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SeaCompression 2014 is coming…

Saturday, October 13, 6pm – 2am, 21+, SW 150th St and 5th Ave SW in Burien, WA | BUY TICKETS NOW!

Producer Wanted!!!

We are looking for someone(s) interested in being the Producer at SeaCompression this year. We would like a motivated person who is active within our community and who wants to make an incredible one-night event for all the burners returning from a week in the desert to relive their burn, as well as the newcomers and old-timers who want to see what we’re all about. 
The SeaCompression Producer is responsible for oversight of the business, operations and volunteer management of the event. This includes but is not limited to lead staff selection and management, vendor and contractor contracts, event budget, permits, on-site management, evaluation and event assessment, and volunteer management. They are responsible for every aspect of the event from start to finish. They are often assigned a set of mentors and liaisons to support them along the way. The event production timeline typically runs from May through October, with the event being held in October. For 2014, Ignition Northwest is offering a $750 stipend for the Producer. 
Interested applicants are encouraged to fill out our survey with in-person interviews to follow. We are a do-ocracy, so if you have a vision, we want to hear it and help it come to life!
Deadline for Producer submissions is April 30th with interviews the evening of May 1st. The INW events committee will assist the Producer, if desired, with filling the remaining leadership positions over the next several weeks. If you are interested in Technical Director, Volunteer Coordinator or a Team Lead position, please complete this form as well, including what position you are interested in the vision section.  
Got questions? Email us at
Click HERE for the application.


 What Is SeaCompression?

Held every autumn, SeaCompression is Seattle’s own annual post-Burning Man arts festival. SeaCompression was named after “Decompression” which is held in San Francisco, and is the home of the Burning Man organization. SeaCompression is a celebration of the interactive arts, music, lights, emotion and experience, with the added emphasis on participation. Participants can watch, learn and grow with live fire art, live music, kinetic sculptures, art cars, multiple dance spaces, sound and light shows. This in an immersive experience that can be discovered, interpreted, and realized at SeaCompression.


As a participant in the SeaCompression event, you will discover in hidden corners or in plain sight random oddities such as a 30′ neon rainbow, a remote-controlled blimp, a 12′ tall bundle of grapes, and a hydrodynamic science project that mixes fire and water in a 6′ whirlpool. SeaCompression is an opportunity to casually encounter the unplanned and the unscripted that influences so much of our daily lives. SeaCompression is unsystematic, an exploration of the mundane and the unusual, it is yours to encounter and experience, leaving no traces behind.


SeaCompression features extravagant live performances, including fire spinners, daring aerialists, interpretive dancers, contortionists, live musicians, and even an eclectic marching band. SeaCompression’s dance floors star impressive lineups of Seattle’s best known DJs. From Art Cars to suspension, experiences and discoveries abound throughout the Kings Hall waiting your accidental and unplanned encounter.


Since SeaCompressions start in 2002, attendance has grown from 500 people to well over 2,000, with a volunteer staff of 200 to 300. Past venues have included the Fremont UnConventional Center, the Ballard Segway, Consolidated Works, Sand Point Magnuson Park, and a two-acre lot in Downtown Burien.  This year we are proud to be on site at King’s Hall in Seattle.  Ignition Northwest and its event producers work closely with City of Seattle Fire Marshals, Parks Department, private property owners, and a professional security team to ensure that our events are managed responsibly and leave no trace.


SeaCompression is sponsored by Ignition Northwest and produced by volunteers. Proceeds help fund large-scale public art projects, an annual scholarship to the Pratt Fine Art Center, and other educational projects throughout the year.


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